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Thursday, January 7, 2016
Meet the housekeeper.

The temperatures are undoubtedly dropping and yet, this January has blanketed me in a softness and warmth that feels a bit unnatural. Somehow, the holiday season - in all of its travel and hosting and cookie-gorging glory - ended up recharging, rather than draining.

I've been reflecting on the past month with a smirk, like I've somehow cheated the systemic chaos that accompanies Christmas. But in reality, in 2015, I found a peaceful sort of rhythm that has carried me right into 2016. 

It's a funny thing. 

With my (read: our) wedding mere months away, there's no doubt that the coming months will be a cyclonic blend of family, friends and beautiful disasters. Which is all the more reason to take a moment to refocus on the art of slowing down and soaking it in. And the science of maintaining that exact outlook. 

Since I was young, I've been proponent of quiet places, good books, and allowing plenty of time and space to let the mind wander. So it makes perfect sense that when I moved from my hush-hush suburban condo into my fiance's downtown loft, plunked in the middle of a vibrant - and growing - neighborhood, I've had to find ways to adjust and adapt. (Let's not even start with the fact that I haven't shared a home with anyone since college.)

I figure that I can't possible be the only one managing a multitude of slight shifts, compromises and workarounds in an effort to craft a simpler and more satisfying life.

So, I'll be chronicling some of those ideas here for the solace-seekers and slow-living advocates who may stumble upon it... with the hope that at some point, this digital destination can inspire and perhaps even create community among like-minded folks.


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