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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
One for you and one for me.

There was a point in my life when I would wake up early every morning to press vegetables through the juicer. Not so much, these days. 

But a weekend? A glorious, snowy weekend, nearly demanding that you stay under a blanket and off the slippery roads? Well, I can definitely manage some juicing then. 

Since fresh juice options aren't plentiful downtown, I try to stock up with bulk essentials - apples, celery hearts and spinach - so that there's always something on hand to juice at home, but that can also be used for snacks and cooking. Because in reality, dragging a chair over to the tallest cupboard to pull down the actual machine can seem like a lot of work sometimes.

(Side note: If you're also in Detroit, Go! Smoothies on Clifford Street looks promising, but it's always closed on Sundays when I have the time and energy to scout out a new place ... and the new Drought shop in the Dime Building also seemed perfect, until I realized that it's all pre-bottled selections.)

My go-to recipe, which I use with this hand-me-down Sharper Image juicer: 

Five-Minute Sweet Greens

- 1 apple, any variety (or "sweetener" of your choice - carrots or pears also work)
- 1/2 celery heart (typically, five stalks, including the leafy innards)
- 4 cups baby spinach (packed tightly into the juicing column, two cups at a time)

Steps: Wash all produce. Chop apple into quarters, and run through juicer. Juice all celery stalks. Turn off juicer and pack spinach into juicing column; turn on and run for a few beats longer than normal, allowing the spinach juice to flow as you turn off the juicer switch.

Finally, carefully remove produce discards and place once more into the juicer column. "Re-juicing" allows additional nutrients to be squeezed out, and more fibrous particles to make it into your drink. 

There you have it. Simple. Healthy. And actually, pretty damn good. 

Smoothie Alternate
If you're looking for an even heartier version, simply make it a smoothie. Use a high-quality blender (like Vitamix or Blend-Tec) to whip up the above ingredients with a few ice cubes and a dash of rice milk. 

Juice prep. The outcome? Always very messy countertops.

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