on repeat: a throwback playlist

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Our condo has fallen into a musical time warp.

Lately, the sounds that have felt truest are those far, far from the Hit List. Whether I’m baking on a Tuesday evening or cleaning bathrooms on a Saturday morning, the below playlist has been on repeat, much to the chagrin of Trevor, who’s only officially complained once, so far.

But these were the beats that played on the stereo in my dad’s garage, that hummed in the background on long road trips with my parents. They’re comforting in the same way that your mother’s perfume might be, the valleys and peaks of a song you’ve heard one thousand times.

They’re the lyrics that I thought I knew really, really well and that I actually have been making up words to my entire life.

And when I’m doing my own thing, or just alone in the house, they’re filling it with the most lovely sort of lively. (An antidote to the bells and whistles of whatever ESPN show might be airing at the moment.)

I’m remembering for the first time in a while how impactful music is, having come out of a bit of a podcast cave, which stole most of my commutes (and admittedly, even my shower time) for the past year.

So here’s my goal for February. Music. More of it, and less of the other distractions. And for the person I live with and the guests that visit, perhaps a bit of variety baked in – just not quite yet.

And a side note, I’ve also awakened to the beauty that’s Amazon Prime Music. (Ummmm… how did I make it through nearly two years of membership without realizing this resource existed?) Stations like Classic Rock and The Beatles are my alternate go-tos and I love that I can save them into my own playlists with one click, as well as the fact that it’s free with Prime membership, naturally.


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